Eastside Projects makes art public.

We commission, produce and present experimental art practices and demonstrate ways in which art may be useful as part of society. Eastside Projects provides vital infrastructure and supports best practice by establishing and exercising new models for artists and curators to research, produce and thrive.

We believe in working collaboratively towards change and do so to support the cultural growth of Birmingham. We do not make art for the public. We are the public that makes art. The artist run space is not a stop-gap. The artist run space is a public good.

Established in 2007 we opened our doors in 2008. We commission and produce eight public projects each year in the gallery and offsite alongside an extensive public events programme. I am one of the founding directors and have been Associate Director since 2011.

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'Sculpture Show' 2nd May - 13th June 2009. Co-curated with Gavin Wade
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Extra Special People is Eastside Projects Associate Membership Scheme
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'Sculpture Show'
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