Workshop Birmingham helps artists, designers and makers make better use of Birmingham, the City of a Thousand Trades.

By linking local manufacturers, material suppliers and fabricators with the creative sector we are making processes more accessible, developing new connections and unlocking resources, skills, knowledge and facilities which will encourage and enable more people to prototype, make and manufacture locally.

Workshop Birmingham is a not-for-profit project and is led by Ruth Claxton and Sean O’Keeffe. To date we have developed two strands of activity:

Make Works Birmingham Directory: Working in partnership with Make Works we were the first Make Works region outside Scotland and continue to build a free, online directory of manufacturers, material suppliers and fabricators in and around Birmingham which you can visit HERE

Events Programme: During 2016–17 we developed a pilot programme of workshops, factory visits and demonstrations for designers, makers and artists, delivered by manufacturers, material suppliers and fabricators. You will find details HERE